As the New Year is approaching, everyone will also participate in different activities, and going to the New Year is a must-have event for the New Year. Among them, there are many meetings with relatives and friends. Presumably many ladies will be troubled by this, whether it is a question and answer session or their own dress Be prepared to cope. In the New Year, ladies will dress differently in order to be confident enough, and the makeup is more important. Ladies also need to prepare well before applying makeup, that is, they can choose to apply a moisturizing mask first to moisturize the skin, which can make the makeup more conformable and reduce the appearance of floating powder in the future. At the same time, whitening skin is also one of the worries of women. The problem of whitening is also difficult to solve momentarily. But there is a more natural way to do it every day. It is to drop a small amount of lemon juice into a glass of room temperature water. Sky Belly can have a whitening effect by drinking a glass of lemonade first.